box trap problem

Submitted by james on 08/26/2002. ( )

does anyone know a bait or way to stop ants from attacking bait
in a boxtrap

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what are you trapping?

This response submitted by paul bunyan on 08/27/2002. ( )

This time of year keeping ants out of anything is a task in itself.
If you are trapping cats or fox and maybe coons you might try some
live mice. Iwould also consider whole corn ants may get to it but it will last longer then anchovies or paste baits. Another option
if legal in your state is a snare if non target animal is caught you will be able to release it with no damage done. Find travel corridors
and make a trail set. The bottom of the loop should be set at least
4 inches of ground for coon and about 6 to 8 for fox and small bobcats.

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