Looking for west coast tanner.

Submitted by Joe Crable, Kama'aina Rabbitry on 08/30/2002. ( crablepipes@hotmail.com )

I'm looking for a good tanner on the west coast that I could ship the pelts from my rabbits to for tanning. Fast turn-a-round time is not as important as good quality and good price. I'm breeding the Champagne D'Argent rabbit, a breed known for it's rich, thick, silver fur. Eating them will be nice, but I'd hate to loose the fur. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and Aloha, Joe Crable, Kama'aina Rabbitry, Island of Hawaii.

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This response submitted by william on 08/31/2002. ( )

tundra tanning has been doing some nice work for me there at 907 892 4415 there work is good and fair priced.

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