Question to Gerard Tessier

Submitted by Ferreira on 09/06/2002. ( )

In your video about your flesching machine do you talk about a Tanning formula that uses Formic acid, aluminium Sulfate, formol and Salt.
Can you chare with us this formula?

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Here it is.

This response submitted by Gerry on 09/07/2002. ( info@fleshing .ca )


In ten gallons of water I add 6 pounds of salt or more, two onces of formic acid, Half a pound of aluminium sulfate (alum) diluted in a few cups of boilling water. If you wish to preserve it for a few months or more add two onces of formadehyde.



This response submitted by os on 09/08/2002. ( )

I thought formaldehyde was a carcinogen?

Thank you very much

This response submitted by Ferreira on 09/09/2002. ( )

For the kwiik and pronpt response.
Dont you neutralise The skins in the end ?

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