Do all hides need to be fleshed?

Submitted by Joel on 09/12/2002. ( )

I have read and read in the archives and every one talks about hides that are going to be put on manikins. I am going to hang the hides on the wall and such. Beaver I know need to be degreased and I plan on hanging it in a willow hoop on the wall. So smaller skins like mink upto beaver, do they need to be shaven even after they have been fleshed? Thanks for any information.

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This response submitted by . on 09/12/2002. ( )

wouldnt be a bad idea to flesh them out then salt.not a bad idea at all.tell ya what you do things the way you want to and see what happens.

Fleshing- Shaving Wallhangers

This response submitted by Aaron Honeycutt on 09/12/2002. ( )

Joel, All hides and skins need to have all the flesh removed. Shaving is not needed on very thin skins such as rabbit but for most skins it is needed at least partially. Bobcats and foxes are thin-skined criters except for the neck and back area and that area would need a little shaving but the thin areas do not. Beavers need some shaving as well and degreasing for sure. When pickling skins the pickle cannot penetrate a thick skin completely so usually after 2 or 3 days you would pull it out and shave. When you do you can see how well the pickle has penetrated as the color is different as you shave deeper. How thin you go is up to you since you are doing wall hangers but generally the thinner -the softer. If you were to be mounting these skins you would definitly want to shave all areas that can be thinned. Enjoy, Aaron H.

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