how to remove oil from a finishe deer head?

Submitted by Todd on 09/16/2002. ( )

I am new to taxidermy, but have mounted about 30 heads and recently have had a problem with an oily residue on the finished product, the hair does not feel as soft as I would like, it is almost sticky. I use the automatic tanner and really like the results except for the oil. What may be the problem, and is there a cleaner that will remove oil from the hair once the heads have dried? Thanks for any help you can provide, Todd

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make a solution of diluted Rittels

This response submitted by Kristoph on 09/17/2002. ( skinme2 )

Super Solve, spray on hair, let dry and bruch off with wire brush, will remove oily residue fine. I find 4 ozs to the gallon of water works well. Put it in a spritz bottle and apply

Try talc

This response submitted by Kim on 09/19/2002. ( )

You could try dusting some talc into the oily hair, then blowing it out
with a compressor. I haven't tried it with deer, but it works great with
furs such as bobcat and fox.

Mineral spirits

This response submitted by Roger on 09/21/2002. ( )

After the mount is dry wipe with ODERLESS mineral spirts.Let stand for5/10 minutes,then towel dry and groom.Ido this on all mammals.

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