krowtann 2000

Submitted by nick on 09/17/2002. ( )

should have posted it here.Has anyone used it how do you like it.also is there a phone number i can call to get some.thanks nick

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Krowtan 2000

This response submitted by DL/ HIGH COUNTRY on 09/19/2002. ( )

Great tan for furbearers. Mounted a bobcat this week. Have another ped. mount in the freezer ready to go. Easy process to follow. Good feel,stretch,and very min. shrinkage. Have not had the chance to use it on game heads yet. I watched a seminar on the tan and mounting of a fox at our state convention,this summer. For products and info. contact Brian Harness@OZARK WOODS 1-800-467-0369 M-THUR. Super fine taxidermist and his products are the best. Check out the article in the new Taxidermy Today.

Tanning a green hide

This response submitted by Steven E. Colf on 12/18/2002. ( )

The directions call for you to rough flesh the hide, turning the lips, nose, ears and eyes. Then placing the hide in the Krowtann solution for three to four days, neutralizing the hide in a baking soda solution and then do final fleshing. Will this product work if I complete the fleshing process first? Does it matter if the fleshing is completed first and then the tanning process is followed?

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