liqui-tan cape falling apart what i do wrong

Submitted by bruce on 09/15/2002. ( )

mounted my first deer today tanneds it last week with liqu-tan and froze it thawed it last night and mounted it today turned out pretty good except the hair is very oily and alot of hair is falling out.also the cape had very little stretch what i do wrong.

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Not enough information

This response submitted by gord2 on 09/15/2002. ( )

Did you follow instructions on bottle? (Put a fan on it ASP.)

My guess is that you did not put it in acid, and you rehydrated in H2O for too long and it saw heat etc...etc...Need more info. what did you do? Or it was compromised before you got it.

I under stand that this is your read up on tanning catagory, give us a little more info. and don't give one will be better... I slipped bear skins when I started...luckily they were mine!

Liquid tanned cape

This response submitted by Paul on 09/16/2002. ( )

Oily cape is caused by excess liquid tan on hair side of cape. I tumble in sawdust with mineral spirits added to clean and dry capes before freezeing or mounting. You could also give cape a fast wash in water then tumble or towel dry before mounting to clean. Hair loss could be many things, slippage, cape had to much moisture when mounted, etc? Let dry put fan on to speed drying. Stretch problem could be many reasons, not shaved enough, not enough Liquid tan applied,cape to wet when tan applied? Hard to say. Need info on how you prepared cape, E mail me if you need help..Paul

made many mistakes

This response submitted by bruce on 09/16/2002. ( )

i followed the instructions pretty close.the instructions don't call for an acid of any kind unless i just missed that part.rehydrated it like it said far as shaveing i just fleshed it as close as i could with a knife have no shaveing was still pretty heavy with water when i put the liqua-tan on i tried to towel dry it the best i could but it was getting late and i was tired .guess ya can't hurry this type thing.when i put it on the form it was soaked with tan i rubbed it in the best i could by hand.ive been working on a bear i killed last year with my bow finished it last night used an ez100 tan kit it looks real good.well to me anyway.i froze is pretty thick can i dry it sand it then rehydrate it to mount it.can't do anything fancy the most high teck piece of equipment i have is a knife.oh these skins im trying to do were froze for three years a taxidermist had them and i finally got tired of waiting for them so i went and got them and my money back and figured i learn to do this myself .so far im hooked bad i have to master this.

Free technical LIQUA TAN BOOKLET

This response submitted by Mark on 09/17/2002. ( )

We have some great info in this booklet that can help you out a lot.
If you have too much mouisture on the skin then that can cause some shrinkage problems.
What I do is after the final rinse then I drain well for 2 hours, Thats why some of these replys say to tumble, towel, etc... You more than likely got a bacteria started before you even tanned it. Using the pretan or citric acid before you tan is best.


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