Is it a Tan?

Submitted by Ben K. on 09/21/2002. ( )

Is Krowtan a true tan or is it a preservative? If using it on greasy hides (like coon or bear capes)when would one degrease. I agree with the prior posting- it just seems to simple to produce leather.Could any users of the product please respond. Thank you.

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Is it a tan

This response submitted by Coyote on 09/21/2002. ( )

I have never use Krowtan,but I have use other tanning creams,and personally, I hated them.As the old saying goes,If it's free, or the best you'll ever use.Think about it,It's not worth it.I'm not trying to put down any products,and maybe I'm from the old school,but I stick with the old proven and tested methods.If your really that interested in using these so called miracle products.I'd say go ahead, but use it on something, thats not a customer's or something you want to test it on.I hope this helps you out


Try on scrap piece

This response submitted by Dave on 09/21/2002. ( )

If I try something new I will try it on a scrap piece first.
Let it dry and see how it turns out. The piece I have done with it
turned out fine. I did oil it though. I have kept pieces I have tanned with different tanning products for the last 6-7 years, all dated and what tanned with. The krowtan actually did turn out as
good as the others. If it werent for the price I would use it.

krowtan is for real!

This response submitted by jarrod on 09/21/2002. ( )

It is some good stuff I've used it and it's nice and easy. This stuff yields so much stretch and is simple to use it just makes the job easier. I at least recommend you try one bottle you will like it!

no more DP

This response submitted by pope on 09/26/2002. ( )

im trying something new. i usually use dp, im wanting to use this krowtan.
Is there any paticular salt i should use?

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