Whenever in doubt................!

Submitted by Bruce Rittel on 09/22/2002. ( rittel@mindspring.com )

Whenever you are in doubt as to whether a product is really a "true tanning agent" or not - I have a few suggestions for you. Since obviously even baking soda sells well if you call it a "tan" - this is a question I'm often asked, and I usually answer it this way!

First - get an MSDS! Request it from the Supplier or Manufacturer and determine if there's anything harmful in the product. Both environmentally and in terms of your personal safety. Don't take no for an answer! By law, a Manufacturer must supply an MSDS upon your request - so insist on it - or definitly dont use the product!

Secondly - Get a copy of the Manufacturers instructions for using it. Beware of any so-called tanning products recommended "only" for Taxidermy work! If it's a tan, then it should act like a tan, and be suitable for tanning Taxidermy, as well as Rugs, and skins to hang on your wall! AND - if the instructions do not include applying an oil to the skin after it's tanned - then you can be sure it isnt a "true tan"!

And lastly - Ask the Manufacturer or Supplier 3simple questions about their product.
1. Is it recommended for tanning Bear Rugs?
2. Is it recommended for tanning garment skins?
3. Can this product be washed out - or must it be dry cleaned only?

And if someone recommends a product to you - always ask him how many pins he uses in the facial area as the mount dries. A good tan will require only a minimal amount of pins, and shrink very little as it dries. If it's not tanned - then you better use an epoxy type hide paste to nail it down!

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Thank you.

This response submitted by Russell on 09/22/2002. ( mosesrussell@hotmail.com )

Thank you Mr. Rittel for that information. You very obviously know your tanning. I will use your products whenever possible over others. Once again for that important and helpful information. Have a wonderful day.


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