Tanning instruction

Submitted by Tim on 09/25/2002. ( blacktimber@attbi.com )

I want to learn how to take a freshly skinned cape and tan it, ready for mounting.
What are the best two videos or books out there that will give me a step by step method.
Thanx for your responces.

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Best Books and videos are interpeted by the individual

This response submitted by JOhn C on 09/26/2002. ( )

But any from Rittels or WASCO will do what you are looking for. Plus lots of reading under the TANNING button here.


This response submitted by ? on 09/26/2002. ( bishops@newnorthnet )

Go to Rittels website and order his EZ 100 tanning kit. Follow the directions and DONT leave out anything. You will be very pleased with the results. Brad

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