dehair for raw hide

Submitted by Drumguy on 09/23/2002. ( )

I am a drum maker and need to dehair without changing the hide at all can I do this with lime or does that do something to the hide to soften it. I need raw hide please if someone has a hint to dehair without changing the hide I would be greatful.

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It's in the Archives

This response submitted by George on 09/23/2002. ( )

And all you have to do is LOOK!

try this

This response submitted by b bishop on 09/23/2002. ( )

I have made alot of rawhide and the lime will work great but when you are done removing the hair, you need to put the enzymes back into the hide with a product called oropon 10 . you can purchase this from Van Dykes taxidermy supplies or request thier catalog and order it from there. You can find the company on the taxi-net and look for suppliers. If you dont do this step, the hide will be very rubbery. Also , when you push the hair off using a beam, you need to use a non-pointed beam or you will leave permanant marks on the leather. If you go to and then go to the how to section , under THE BASICS OF TANNING , you will see a picture of the beam I made for deer and bears. I made it after using the pointed beam and getting marks in the leather that would'nt come out. hope this helps and feel free to contact me if you have any ?'s. brad

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