Why drain skins for so long?

Submitted by Amy Ritchie on 09/24/2002. ( Amy@AmysTaxidermy.com )

I love Rittels products and I always follow Bruce's EZ-tanning instructions (the little yellow booklet) to a T. Except for one little thing I always skip...

Why does it say to drain the skins for so long? According to the booklet, after taking my skins out of the pickle, I am to drain them for one hour before neutralizing. After neutralizing, they should be drained for another hour before being put in the tanning solution. Why? At this rate it would take me forever to get stuff from the pickle to the tan. I've always just let my skins drain for a few minutes, then dabbed off most of the wetness with a towel so they're not dripping wet.

I was just wondering why the instructions said to do this. If I'm doing it wrong, I haven't noticed any problems!


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Hi Amy

This response submitted by b bishop on 09/24/2002. ( bishops@newnorthnet )

What I do is exactly what Bruce says in order to have CONSISTANT , POSATIVE, results always. I have never had a problem killing the time while the hides drained as there is always a form to prep, or some putty work to do or even ( Heaven forbid ! ) organize and clean up !. If you cant find anything else to do, read the last issues of Breakthrough and Taxi. Today, over, and over and............Good luck to ya young lady.

Hey Brad

This response submitted by jason on 09/24/2002. ( slrichm@wcnet.net )

Brad, I see you are back now posting alot more. I guess I just had to ask where you had been to get you to start posting again. Maybe you just wanted to see if people would miss you(LOL). Well we did, good too see ya(or read ya again).

Later Jason

Drain skins

This response submitted by Coyote on 09/24/2002. ( mrathnow@comcast.net )

What I do is put the skins in an old washing machine,and put it on the spin cycle.It take a lot less time then just letting them drain.


Hi Amy!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 09/26/2002. ( rittel@mindspring.com )

Amy - use the drain time to mix up your solutions. Or - after removing them from the pickle, rinse them real well, use a shorter drain of maybe only 15-20 minutes, and then place them in the neutralizer. The same after neutralizing too! However, this creates more work.

One good idea was what Coyote suggested! Tanneries simply use a centrifuge to do exactly the same thing. On a small scale simply use the spin cycle of an old washer to do it. It eliminates draining at all.

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