Need some opinions.

Submitted by Jerry C on 09/27/2002. ( )

I would like some opinions or comments on Big Bear Rug Service, Darby,MT. They always advertise in Breakthrough. I have faith in this forum, so go ahead with good or bad. Thanks. JC

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This response submitted by FROG on 09/27/2002. ( )

Every rug I get in goes straight to them.I am very serious about my customers quality on their mounts so the first time I sent them a bear to rug I didn't know what to expect.(friends had recommendded them)I was well pleased& have sent all rugs to them since.

need boar hide tanned to cover harley seat

This response submitted by cowboy on 09/27/2002. ( )

i have a boar hide that has been in a freezer for 2 years.would like to have tanned to cover my harley seat.would like it fast if possible.i live in north carolia. thanks

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