Sanding capes

Submitted by Tim on 09/28/2002. ( )

How do you sand capes. I take it that this method is used to thin the skin or "Shave" it in other words.
I am interested in this method since I do not have a shaver and am trying to figure out the whole tanning process here. Before I try to tan a hide ready to mount.
Any other ideas on how to thin or shave the cape?

Thanx, Tim.

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Cheap way

This response submitted by gotum on 09/29/2002. ( )

Make a plywood wheel and coat it with elmers and sand keep building it up then let it dry mount the whell on an arbor and make a tasble with a hole so the wheel sits up a bit above the table and sand away.

It can be done - but............

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 09/29/2002. ( )

Yes - you can sand the dry skins thinner using a Drum Sander (or Buffer as it is called in the industry) - but it's considered very slow and you will find yourself putting a lot of time into it. In Tanneries they use buffing machines to sand the skins - but only to improve the esthetic look of the leather side. They try to sand it to a smooth suede look. Thinning is not their purpose - just trying to make it look esthetically pleasing.

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