Thinning hides

Submitted by Tim on 09/30/2002. ( )

What is the best method to thin hides if you do not have a fleshing machine?

Sanding, wire wheel & grinder? ANy other methods?

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I like

This response submitted by gotum on 10/01/2002. ( )

A draw knife, you can feel the thickness as you work it.

Try to find an older one the new ones don't seem to have the right angle.


This response submitted by George on 10/01/2002. ( )

..did that sander, wire wheel, grinder come into the discussion. I guess it's true: if you say something stupid long enough, it'll become accepted. SANDERS make suede, wire wheels remove rust and grinders sharpen intruments. Get over it. Only a good round knife can THIN a hide without damage to the hair.


This response submitted by Tim on 10/01/2002. ( )

I have only found this site a few weeks ago. When anyone mentions using a grinder (The "G" word) panic sets in to a few of you. I have used wire wheels and grinder motors for fleshing waterfowl, so you see there is a place for them somewhere in the industry.

I'm just trying to gain as much knowledge as I can. So I got to ask, right?

OK Tim,

This response submitted by George on 10/01/2002. ( )

And I have just the place. I don't use a sledge to frame houses or build bric-a-brac and I don't use a D-4 Cat to till the garden. I've been a professional mechanic for 30 years coinciding with taxidermy and I learned early on that theres a tool for every purpose and the tool should be used for that purpose. If you can't afford the proper tool, then you have to improvise. I was that poor once and that dumb once, but thankfully I grew out of it.

george you are still dumb

This response submitted by terryr on 10/03/2002. ( )

i see no need in slamming someone SIMPLY for asking a question

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