Am I being sold a line of bull?

Submitted by Bill on 10/03/2002. ( )

This last spring I sent 3 spring black bears to a commercial tannery. This week they called and told me that one of the bears had seriously torn when removing from the tanning solution, the result of grease burn. These bears were pretty lean to start with, they were fleshed well, salted and dried hard. The bears are not slipping according to the tannery, the hide is just "weak" in places as a result of the fat in the skin breaking down the fiber. Does this sound legit?

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i dont think so,

This response submitted by shane on 10/03/2002. ( )

i dont think this would be the case , did you beam your bear after you salted the first time, and then resalt the bear again, it sound like the bear was left some place to long and the fat that was on the hide and it dont take mutch for this to happen and hide started to rot , or your bear was an old bear with age the shin startes to thin out some and when the tannery skieves the hide it makes it to thin and the bears starts to tair, i waould have your tanner send it back and then sew up the damaged area and then send it to another tannery , this did happen to me and the bear turn out great, ht.


This response submitted by al barrette on 10/03/2002. ( )

i own an operate a commerical tannery in alaska. i tan about 450 bears a year. if this bear was shot in the spring, and was fleshed on a beam and salt dried. less than 6 months ago. there should have been no grease burn.(excess fat, and lack of good salting cause this any ways)
the only time i have torn a bear of qaulity is if i had shaved it to thin. which is really hard to do on a prime spring bear.
this sounds like a mistake at the tannery.there just afraid to admitt it. why i don't no. i found when i've mess-up a customers order. i try to make them happy.(with in reason). remember we fur dressers are human. and we do make mistakes!

Or it could be

This response submitted by Superpig on 10/03/2002. ( )

like Al stated, the tannery screwed up. They slipped with the "knife" and won't admit to it now. Better to blame you then take responsibility for themselves. Happened to me before and it is a no win situation. I'd let them know though that you don't believe their story and if it happened again you'll be looking for another tannery.

ahhh, yes, another witch hunt!

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 10/03/2002. ( )

Guys, could it POSSIBLY be that maybe there WAS some fat on the hide? You know how we, as taxidermists, stress the point to our customers that skins are subject to all kinds of conditions beyond our controll? Well why cant this rule apply to this tannery as well? To answer your question, Bill, yes, it IS possible. IF you use a reputable tannery, then chances are they are being honest with you. See how they want to make things exceptable first, rather then pointing a finger of blame that you cant substantiate any further then they can. How are the other bears? If theres one big cut, hey, Ill bet they cut it. They can compensate you for the repair. If its tearing easily and all over the hide, you know its not just a tannery slip up. Bottom line would be the reputation of the tannery, in my opinion. Thats all this is, too, my opinion. Good luck, though, with your bear.

Thanks to all!

This response submitted by Bill on 10/03/2002. ( )

Thank you all for your responses. The tannery offered to repair the tear and continue with the process. They are a reputable tannery I believe. Mr. Yox, I appreciate your perspective as I am sincerely not seeking to point fingers for any other reason than to prevent this from occurring in the future.

Shaving? I think not!

This response submitted by oldshaver on 10/06/2002. ( )

If you paid attention to what the man said, it tore pulling it out of tan. If it was shaved too thin, the hair would have come out around the torn area, or atleast came through the skin side! A bear that is shaved too thin carries plenty of evidence with it!

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