cape question

Submitted by Elk on 10/03/2002. ( none )

I caped out a deer head lastnight, it was one from last year, it appeared to have freezer burns on the lips area, is this going to be problem when I go to mount it? Also I fleshed it out and stuck in a bag back in the freezer waiting on my form to arrive in a couple of day, should i do anything else to prep it during this time... salt it?

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Lip is fine!

This response submitted by Shovelhead on 10/03/2002. ( )

1. Thaw
2. flesh
3. salt rock hard
4. rehydrate
5. pickle
6. shave
7. pickle
8. tan
9. mount

You're form is going to arrive long before you're ready to mount!

Thanks Shovelhead

This response submitted by Elk on 10/03/2002. ( none )

Thanks alot!

Back in the freezer?

This response submitted by Superpig on 10/03/2002. ( )

your hide is already freezerburnt. Why did you put it back in the freezer? You should at least have tanned it before you put it back in the freezer.

Back in the freezer

This response submitted by elk on 10/03/2002. ( none )

I put it back in the freezer because I got called back out to work, and had no time to do much more with it, and figured that this is the only thing i could do with minimal damage.

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