?able bear, let dry completly after tan?

Submitted by lee on 10/03/2002. ( )

i have a bear that didnt make it to the freezer for 9 hrs. it is now coming out of the pickle and to the tan. (liqua-tan) so far no sighns of slippage. i usually let my tanned hides dry completly and then give them a good washing. my question is, would i be better off not doing this and mount after the tan has soaked in for a few hours, im worried that the washing might cause me some slippage?
thanks for any help

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This response submitted by Paul on 10/03/2002. ( Paulstax2000@yahoo.com )

I never let any capes or hides dry completely after liquid tanning. Seems like to much drying, wetting, drying, wetting again. After 8 hours, usually overnight, i'll tumble than mount or freeze until i'm ready. If a bear is going to slip its usually after you neutrilize after the pickle, really opens up the hide, but sounds like its ok. Make sure you really degreased it good or you will have a smelly and oily hide later.


This response submitted by lee on 10/03/2002. ( )

the reason i wash my hides i to get the liquatan out of the hair. no matter how carfull i am i still manage to get the stuff everywhere. if i had an easy way to do this i wouldnt let it dry at all.

Dont need to dry it...

This response submitted by Paul on 10/04/2002. ( Paulstax2000@yahoo.com )

you dont need to dry out the cape, after 8 hours the tan has, cant think of a better word, tanned the cape and cannot be washed out, only the oily tanning residue on the fur will wash off. A quick rinse with water and a little kemal 4 or similar detergent will clean the fur off. Or if you have a tumbler, a little mineral spirts added to your sawdust will also clean and dry pryor to mounting. As long as you give the tan enough time to penerate, 6 hours min. I prefer overnight, just give it a quick wash, towel dry or tumble than mount...Paul

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