Rittel's Snake tan.

Submitted by Dwight on 10/05/2002. ( DMose32@aol.com )

I'm using KT-10 to tan a snake hide. I pickled my snake skin in vinager and salt and water to the instructions and maintained a Ph of 2.0. the Ph was 2.5 at one time. Which of these three will lower the Ph.? Also I'm supposed to use the pickle for the tan. I've added 2/3 cup per pound of skin.Wich was about a pound or a little less. The Ph is still low and it calls for a Ph. of 4.0. How do I raise the Ph.of this tan? Please hurry! Thanks.

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Here's how....................!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 10/05/2002. ( rittel@mindspring.com )

How many gallons of pickle did you mix up? Multiply the number of gallons times 5.0 fluid ounces/1 gallon. This will give you the amount of KT-10 to add, once the skins are pickled, and removed from the pickle. Add it directly to the pickle and stir. If the PH isn't 3.8-4.2 range - then use White Vinegar to lower it or Baking Soda dissolved in water to raise it to that range. Be careful adding it - a little bit at a time! When the PH is adjusted, add the skins to the pickle/now tanning solution, and allow them to tan for 12-16 hours. Then rinse, drain and oil.

Bruce Rittel
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