Chicken skin, goat gloves, and pillows

Submitted by Muleskinner on 10/06/2002. ( )

Hello, in a couple of weeks, my dad and I are going to butcher ten goats and lots of roosters. I was just wondering (don't laugh at me for this) if you can tan chicken skin. Also,would it be safe to make goathide gloves with the hair left on? It seems it might be warmer with the hair left on. Question No. 3: Does anybody know off the top of their head if you can make pillows with chicken feathers? Well, I believe I'm going to read other forums. Oh, I just thought up a good joke.
Q. Two skins were on summer vacation at the beach.(imagine that!) When they got home, the boy skin's wife looked him up and down, and what did she say?

A. "Why Frank, what a lovely tan you got at the beach!"

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If you can tan Turkey skins..........why not!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 10/07/2002. ( )

I have 2 customers that tanned Turkey skins and they came out really great. So why not Chicken skins? Just remember to degrease them. EZ-100 does an excellent job on them (Birds and Goatskins).

By the way - on Goatskins as glove leather with the hair on - the hair goes inside - not out.

Turkey Skins

This response submitted by leather neck on 10/08/2002. ( )

I knew of a tannery years ago located in south carolina that was very famous for processing seal skins and other fur bearers. Also did some work with exotics, mainly snake and lizard..some gator and croc.
They developed a process for tanning turkey skins large scale. I think the leather was used for boot making. Of course no one would buy a pair of "turkey boots" they gave their product the name "galapva" the time this was novel and made a splash with the bootmakers cause it was different and cheap....i dont know of anyone doing this now days on a commercial level... seems the leather was weak due perhaps to the histology of the skin and a lot of times could not withstand the lasting process for boot making. Yes ckickens can be tanned. lol. Anything with skin can be tanned. In fact, i plan to build a large worm farm soon and begin tanning some pretty cool leather i think.


This response submitted by Muleskinner on 10/10/2002. ( )

Thanks for writing me back, Bruce Rittel and Leather Neck.That's cute about worm leather. Bye!

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