Looking for a tannery in michigan

Submitted by Scott on 10/08/2002. ( richardfamily4@chartermi.net )

I know this question has probibly been ask. But with the hunderdes of messages to read through it get's kind of crazy. I'm a new taxidermist I've mounted a few deer shoulder mount's and some small game animals using the DP method and had good result's. I want to send my hide's out to have them tanned some were in my home state of michigan but don't know were to look. And quiet honestly I'm not shure if I do find a tannery how to go about sending them. I'm pretty shure on the salt twice for setting the hair till the hide is dry. Is that all there is to it? And when they come back do they need to be rehydrated in water and then tumbeled before mounting. Or are they like soft leather.

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Try one of the best!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 10/09/2002. ( rittel@mindspring.com )

Try Wildlife Gallery in Blanchard MI! They are one of the best - even outside of MI! Their phone number is (989) 561-5369.

Or Try Another Of The Best

This response submitted by Gary Kies on 10/10/2002. ( gdkies@dmci.net )

We are located in southern Michigan near the Indiana/Ohio line. Visit our website kandktannery.com and see what some of our customers have to say about our work. Give us a call toll free 877-787-3665 if you have any questions.

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