Nappa Leather

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I would like to know what is exactly nappa Leather. What extra processes in Tanning are required to make the Nappa Leather and why it is so expensive?

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Napa Leather is....................!

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Napa leather is made from Sheep or Lambskin and is usually tanned using Alum and Chrome. It's considered an excellent choice for gloves!


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"These leathers must have optimum softness, sufficient tear resistance, in the case of clothing nappa a low specific weight (320 - 350 grams per sqr meter) and they must be dyed with dyestuffs which are fast to sublimation and migration. The retannage is relatively weak. In spite of this THE FORMULATIONS CONTAIN HIGH %'s OF PRODUCTS (chemicals), BECAUSE THE LEATHERS HAVE A VERY LARGE AREA IN RELATION TO THEIR WEIGHT......the floats (amount water) are likewise very long (requires more water)in most cases to reduce the mechanical straining in the drum."
Bayer Publication: Tanning * Dyeing * finishing

<So, for this type fabrication, we can clearly see why the tanner is obliged to charge more for this type product. He needs to use more water, chemicals and special auxilaries to achieve leather desired.>

4th Edition page 100, 2.

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