ANTELOPE CAPE hair slipping need help 1st one

Submitted by mike on 10/09/2002. ( )

took in my 1st ever antelope heres what took lpace.
was caped out 20min. after it was shot in wyoming.
was froze asap came to iowa in a cooler frozen not wet
itook cape and removed meat salted drained resaltedafter 3 days i soaked in 1lb of salt per gallon of cool water.
soaked in saftee acid with salt for 3 days
used baking soda to get ride of acid in a water and soda mix rinsed 2 times.then i put on liquatan.
i now have areas where the hair is coming out im not going to touch it any more ive got it hanging with a fan on it.
is there anything to keep this thing from loosing more hair?
should i let it get rock hard?
ive done all my deer this way and have not had a problem
im getting a little worked up about

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This response submitted by BD on 10/09/2002. ( )

not one to tan my own hides but I would have let the cape dry completely before any soaking. The hair really needs to be "locked in". Antelope are very touchy.

What area?

This response submitted by Randal R. Waites on 10/09/2002. ( )

You did not say if it was in just one area, or the whole cape. If it is the whole cape, I think your soaking the cape might be the cause. Or sometimes capes will shed a lot, if you just becareful and get it mounted, when it dries it should be better and the hair should be locked. If it is the gland area, this is a tricky spot, and needs to be opened up, and fleshed and salted real good. I also agree with letting the cape get hard after second salting, I do that and then ship them out to be wet tanned, I have had not problems in doing that. Also, you never really know what happened to the cape before it was frozen. It might have been real hot on the day it was killed, and was not processed soon enough.

Just took one in

This response submitted by Dan on 10/09/2002. ( Hasslehut )

Was it 90 degrees or 40 when it was taken? I give no Guarantees on antelope capes, because they can fall apart before your eyes, and if (you) have to replace the cape, your literally working for nothing! I process the ones that come to my shop immediately, and if there is a problem,I call the customer immediately! I learned the hard way... (which is the best lesson (unfortunatly).... Writing things down on the receipt and making things CLEAR when specimans are brought in is the best insurance! best of luck,.. Dan

A couple of things

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 10/09/2002. ( )

Like was mentioned above - Antelope are touchy - but if you dry them hard after your second salting, it tightens the hair roots!

You didnt mention shaving - but usually they also tend to be over-shaved! As a general rule they are very thin skinned and only spot shaving is required. Go too deep and again - you get loose hair.

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