Problem with African Tan

Submitted by Scott Thompson on 10/10/2002. ( )

I have a customer that is bringing in 19 different capes from his African hunt. The capes were supposedly already tanned but when I started to rehydrate the first cape that I received (which is a Black Wildebeast)I noticed some problems. The first was that the ears hadnt been turned out like they would be from a regular tanner and when I tried to stretch the cape a little bit it tore like a piece of paper. Was the cape salted and dried too long or did the cape not get neautralized well enough after it had been pickled or is it something else? The cape only measures 19 inches behind the ears and I need to get to at least 24 inches somehow in order to avoid some major form altering. But maybe my customer didnt receive his same cape. Would appreciate any information on this dilema.

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The problem...

This response submitted by BD on 10/10/2002. ( )

with many of hides that come back from Africa, is that they are not taken care of well (at all). They are skinned hastily, dried in the sun, etc. Many variables. Tell your client about the problem. I would tell him to complain to the PH. It will not do any good but he will know your disatisfaction You will occasionally get hides that have zero stretch (garbage). Tell all clients that are going out of the country to ship the salt dried hides back and tan them in the states. It wouldn't hurt to supervise all the skinning and fleshing. Most clients will not do that but that is really the only way to make sure that that aspect of the trophy care is correct. After you leave it is really a crap shoot. I'm sure you could get a replacement cape for $250 or so. Good luck!

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