Dry Preservative

Submitted by Jason on 10/15/2002. ( )

I have all my capes taned at a tannery. I know Dry Preservative is not the best way, but here is my situation. A friend of mine wants to mount up a deer as a joke for a friend of his. They are leaving in a week to go hunting and they want to present this to him on there trip. It is just going to be for fun but for my own good I dont want it to look bad. It is going to be a short mount considering they just cut the head off. I will be just a change out head mounted. The cape is salted and dried hard. If I use dry preservative do I just rehydrate it in a brine solution towel dry and put on the dry preservative. Or should I just froget about it. thanks

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It's gonna be tough now

This response submitted by George on 10/15/2002. ( georoof@aol.com )

Now that the hide is salt dried, rehydrating it is not going to remove the salt that has leeched into the skin. Using DP on it now is going to be "iffy" at best. Where the salt is, the DP won't overpower and will likely end up drawing moisture back at a different rate than the DP. Dry Preservative gets a lot of hits on this site, and many are unfounded. I use it exclusively on small game and EVERYONE uses it or Borax on birds. A deer mounted properly, using good taxidermy techniques and a good glue, can look just as good as you make it. The only real difference I've seen is the "softness" of a tanned hide where the DP leaves a dried appearance to the hair and there's always the cracking possiblities of soft tissue that hasn't been glued completely. Have you noticed that all the major suppliers still SELL DP and it comes with most DIY Deer kits?

Spray tan

This response submitted by john c on 10/16/2002. ( )

try spray tan, its better than dp. put the head in front of a fan and it should work.

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