new to taxidermy, looking for good videos

Submitted by Rick F. on 10/15/2002. ( )

Finally decided to learn an art I've always wanted to do, so now looking for some good video or books for instruction. Hopefully some of you can point me in the right direction, because there seems to be alot of them out there. I have an eight pointer in the freezer I shot last week, and he's gonna be my first try, heard that a deer mount was not the easiest to start with, but figured I should start somewhere, so I am going to mount him first. Thanks for the help!

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WASCO tape

This response submitted by jim on 10/15/2002. ( )

get a begginer lesson in deer by sallie d. it shows all the basics to
get started, good luck.

what all do you want to do?

This response submitted by jen on 10/17/2002. ( )

being newbie to, can offer you some hints, i have the sallie tape, but mine is with dp, so you have to decide if you want to tan your cape or just mount or both, i would suggest sending for the tape, the read as much as possible here and you will fill your head with so much you most likely will get confussed, but good luck

Thanks alot!

This response submitted by Rick on 10/18/2002. ( )

Thanks for the help guys! I sent for the tape and it should be here today, I think for now I'm gonna send the cape out and have it tanned, so I can concentrate on the mounting of it for now! Thanks again!

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