How do you get the smell OUT?

Submitted by TK on 10/12/2002. ( )

The "leather" smell is so strong on a few pieces in the house that you can't even stay in the same room with them! Any ideas on how to get rid of that "skunky" leather odor?

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This response submitted by Leo on 10/12/2002. ( )

A few pieces of what? Are they deer ,or furniture? Properly done animal mounts don't smell like leather.Try a shower,the smell may be right under your nose.

Very Nice Leo!

This response submitted by Sherry on 10/12/2002. ( )

Don't answer if you don't know what they mean. No one likes a smart a$$. TK what kind of leather?

Leather smell

This response submitted by George on 10/12/2002. ( )

Leo's right about the mounts, however. Tanned leather really doesn't have much of a smell. It's the oils that were used to soften it. If it's a mount smelling, my money's on it not being done properly and some flesh being left under the hair is rotting. If it's flat leather or leather furniture, I'd suggest a good saddle soap. Once washed, find a hand lotion or baby lotion you like the aroma of and rub it down. Good leather only lasts because the oil keeps it moist and supple. Once your remove the oils, it'll become brittle if not re-treated.

I had the same thing happen recently...

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 10/12/2002. ( )

A customer called the day after picking up a head and said it had a strong chemical smell. He then explained that he was concerned it might be unhealthy to him, maybe even toxic? I did my best to explain that there was nothing harmful in there, but I couldnt explain the strong smell to anything other then just being a brand new head mount. We agreed to have it "age" here at my studio if it continued to be a problem. I havent heard from him in a week, so Im assuming it "aired out". Thats the best I can suggest, if all things were done properly to the mount.

Hair sheen or other

This response submitted by Jeff S. on 10/13/2002. ( )

I did a head for a customer,he also said he smelled something like a chemical smell,I use the hair sheen on my mounts to give it a little luster,thats all I could think of he was smelling.
he let it air out a few days and said it's fine now.
Well good luck to you.
Jeff S.

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