auto tanner question

Submitted by jim on 10/16/2002. ( )

tanned a couple of deer hides in the auto tanner,not at the same time.question is ,should the ears be left with hair side in,or leave them normal)hair out. i have done the recommended proceedure ,2 hours in then pull out and shave,then back in.i seem to be loosing hair on the inner ear. the cartilage is left in .any help would be appreciated.

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This response submitted by mike d on 10/16/2002. ( )

Always turn the ears inside out!
Turn everything(legs, tails, entire skin on small mammals) so that the flesh side is easily wetted by the tanning solution!
You must get the solution to the skin in order for it to work!
If left with the hair out the skin tends to stick together and the tanning solution may not work in between the folds in the short time the skin is in the tan; it is quite possible to have areas that are still raw skin after a few hours if the skin is not turned.

will the cartilage

This response submitted by jim on 10/16/2002. ( )

prevent the tan from getting all the way through.when i leave the flesh side out on the ears when i go to flip them around i end up with a small ball of this normal to loose a small amount from the ear?

Ear Hair loss

This response submitted by David on 10/16/2002. ( )

Jim, All the hair you are seeing is coming from everywhere on the cape alond with all the dirt and grime that was left on the cape. The ears act like little funnels in the auto tanner, catching everything. Tie the ear canals shut with rubberband or string or something next time and you will see a difference.


This response submitted by jim on 10/16/2002. ( )

i'll give that a try on the next cape

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