I need to know it all

Submitted by Matt on 10/16/2002. ( p_n_b2002@yahoo.com )

I need to know all the steps of tanning from fleshing to the end. If anyone could help that would be great. And if any one has any hides for sale let me know.

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Good lord Matt

This response submitted by Superpig on 10/16/2002. ( )

you are asking for a heap of information which easily could fill a book. Your best bet would be to search the archives on this website and also to get you some books on the subject. There are so many different ways to tan hides that there is not enough room (nor do I have the time) to type this all here. Maybe you can take on an apprenticeship with a taxidermist in your area?


This response submitted by matt on 10/18/2002. ( )

Thanks Superpig I will see if he will let me.

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