Best Tan to apply after Alum Pickle?

Submitted by Brian on 10/17/2002. ( )

I have searched the archives up and down, Alum tannning doesn't seem real popular on here but I am going to use it anyway. What is the best tanning agent to use after doing an Alum pickle. Is it even necessarry to apply something. All of the generic books and websites say to just dry it and break the hide after the pickle until it is soft and that is good enough. But I would like for it to last. Is it all right to use Neatsfoot oil and stuff like that or do I need to stick with a tanning agent. If so, which one do you recomend? Thanks in advance.

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Alum pickle is unpresedented for setting hair but you'll

This response submitted by Kris on 10/18/2002. ( skinme2 )

follow up with a god tannage, if you have an auto tanner Steve Rotramels "Bucktan" or Arrowhead" crystals do a wonderful job. {Steve just wrote a great article in the lastBreakthrough on very subject] or if you don't have an auto tanner Knoblochs Para tan has been the best I've found, easy to use and yields a true tan. Bruce Rittle sells some good kits too, your options are endless, just don't stop with the alum, that's only the beginning of the process. Better yet, get some literature and read all you can about the different tanning agents on the market and pick what yoiu think will best suit your needs, good Luck

where can i buy the book ?

This response submitted by cory on 10/21/2002. ( )

is there any place on the webb i can send in for?

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