Need a Tannery in Ohio or West Virginia

Submitted by George LaCross on 10/13/2002. ( )

I have a customer that has take a buffalo and a goat to a tannery well over a year ago, they have not been touch as of yet. The question is to locate another tannery in Ohio or West VA. that he can send them to.I have a auto air tanner but the buffalo is too large for me to tackle.if anyone has a name I would Appreciate it.

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This response submitted by George on 10/13/2002. ( )

George (what a terrible name, huh?), I've seen similar requests over the years and I have to ask the same question: "Why?" Why ask for a tannery "close to home" when the additional shipping to a great tannery might only be a few dollars more with the cost of the tan being the same. Buffalo, especially as you already know, are miserable to work with and if you can get one combed in the price, it's a heck of a deal. East Coast or Old Dominion aren't that far away from you, but there are other great tanneries just as close as that big brown truck.

George is right but.

This response submitted by Todd B on 10/13/2002. ( )

There is a good tannery in Ohio so you will not need to send it that far. Arlington Cape is in Ohio. Keith Daniels is the owner. Although I have not used him I have seen some of his tanned capes at my State show. He is in the middle of the N. W. quarter of the state. Look for Findlay on I-75, then look just south of it on U S 68 & S. R. 103 his number is 1-(419)365-5321.

Todd B

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This response submitted by Ariana on 10/25/2002. ( )

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