Would this service sell?

Submitted by Jimmy on 10/13/2002. ( )

If an experienced shaver was to offer a shaving service for taxidermist, would this sell? The service would pickling, shaving, and neutralizing. Then the product would be shipped back slightly damp. Then you could apply your own Liqui-Tan or another similar product. If not ready to mount when recieved, could a cape that has only been pickled, hold up too time in the freezer?

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This response submitted by Jimmy on 10/13/2002. ( )

This service would cost about 50% less than the industry average to fully dry tan a cape.

Not sure if it would or not.

This response submitted by Todd B on 10/13/2002. ( tddbuch@aol.com )

I would be afraid to try it myself. I prefer to do all of my pickle and tanning process one after the other right away. I want to make sure I tan it as soon as I get it neutralized. I would be afraid of the handling between your neutralization and the time I received it back thru the mail or UPS. Not that you would neccesarily mishandle it. And it would have to be frozen to be shipped to avoid spoilage. Which adds another expense being 1rst or 2nd day shipping. So I might as well pay a tannery to do it all to avoid these problems. Unless there is another way that I am not thinking of.

Todd B

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