How Long can the cape/pelt..............

Submitted by Whitney on 10/13/2002. ( )

Just curious, I remember Jason Snowberger telling me that the capes/pelts can stay in the pickle indefinently but he uses Formic acid. I use Oxalic Acid or Acid Bath Crystals from WASCO with a pH of 2. Are they OK in there for an extended amount of time and alos wat about Lutan F. IF I want to do more than one deer cape Just how long is the solution good for? Any help would be appreciated.

Whitney Neal

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O K In Pickle

This response submitted by Keith Daniels on 10/14/2002. ( )

As long as you keep the Ph down, they'll keep for a long time, way longer than you're going to want to leave them in there. We use Formic, and I've never used Oxalic, but the only thing I'd be a little concerned about with it is, I've been told that it does have a little bleaching effect, but I can't tell you how long it takes, and what effect it would really give.

Don't use your Lutan over. When you mix it, you're doing so with the right amount of tan to properly tan the skin in the solution. If everything is done correctly, there should be very little, if any viable tan left in the solution, so you really have no way of knowing if you have the proper amount for the next skin, unless you start with a fresh solution.



This response submitted by Whitney on 10/14/2002. ( )

You are always so helpful. You were helpful to me at the WV Show and last week when I called you regarding my cape you probably just recieved. I love your company and will continue to use Arlington Cape as long as you are in business. Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing from you again soon.
Best Regards,
Whitney Neal
Martinsburg, WV. 25401

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