Thin Hide

Submitted by deb on 10/15/2002. ( )

Thanks a million for the help on the thin hide fleshing. I did the
first salt, and most of the junk came off. Right now it is drying
hard. I am curious though, it's already showing blue through thehide,
can I still shave it after 1st pickle? I know I keep bugging about
this, just paranoid about blowing a hole in it.


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deb, you may not have to flesh the areas that

This response submitted by John C on 10/15/2002. ( )

are blue. I have done that several times, I seldom flesh any blue area a second time. Just keep a check on the skin when it goes into the pickle it should work very quickly!

So I can get away with-

This response submitted by deb on 10/15/2002. ( )

just fleshing the face and areas that need it? I really
appreciate the help. Would you elaborate on the quick pickle?
Should I shorten the time in the pickle?

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