freezer burn, verse freeze dried

Submitted by jen on 10/21/2002. ( )

ok im ready for being yelled at if ya have to, but could someone , explain the techno difference of the 2 ?
freeze burn as compared to freeze dried?

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Freeze Dry(Lyophilization)

This response submitted by Old Fart on 10/21/2002. ( )

The process of freeze drying is taking the moisture from a specimen by the use of a vacuum chamber. The purpose of having the specimen frozen is to maintain its shape. Freezer burn is the freeze drying of the surface and thin areas without using the vacuum. If you leave something in the freezer long enough, it will be effectively freeze dried. If you leave a tray of ice cubes in the freezer long enough they will eventually disappear, becoming dried out while frozen, thus freeze dried. This has been covered before and in more detail, I am sure of that.

thanks old fart

This response submitted by jen on 10/22/2002. ( )

thanks , im sure it might have been covered , but with old puter i cant use the search feature of this forum, so there for i was reading for the yelling

Water turns to vapor without having to go back to water

This response submitted by JOhn C on 10/22/2002. ( )

Old fart is right. I have freezer burns a few mounts over the years. Its really easy to do but takes a long time. Do your mount, final positioning should be perfect. Place in freezer thats turn as cold as it can. Place fan in freezer turned on high. Then place a fan on the outside of the freezer, you can have it blowing on the coils and drop the temp another 15 degrees.""Now wait for several months.""

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