wood alcohol?

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I am trying to tan a fox and have no clue what I am doing but figure what the hell. Got to learn sometime right? I am planning on tanning this bad boy the way you told some British fellow to do to his cute little squirrel. I have an idea of what to do I just don't know what wood alcohol is. Where can I buy this stuff? Is it between the Jack and Bacardi or thinner and brushes? Or neither? This might be a stupid question, but as my mom always says, "There are no stupid questions son." Thanks for any help!


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Your Mom wasn't a taxidermist, then. LOL

This response submitted by George on 10/21/2002. ( georoof@aol.com )

Wood alcohol can be bought at Lowes, Hardware House, Home Depot and a multitude of other places. It no longer goes by that name however. It's called "Denature Alcohol", but that's not really a tanning solution. It's simply a topical preservative that locks in the hair follicles.

My Bad

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As soon as I put that, I knew it was technically flawed. DENATURED Alcohol is not exactly the same substance but works generally the same. METHANOL is more properly "Wood Alcohol"

What then LOL?

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How do you make a fox look presentable? I have always found that alcohol can make any girl look like a fox. So, I thought this method sounded the best. Why not? It works well in other arenas. Why not in the, take a dead animal and make it live forever arena? I am on the all rookie team and need to learn the plays. Any help would be cool. I am looking for cheap and easy (like my women) and wouldn't mind if it looked cool too.

Thanks Chief!


to buy the stuff

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Now can you really buy wood alcohol or methanol anywhere or do you just get something that really close to it.
And how do they make that stuff too?

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