For the "antibacterial" soap buffs.

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Antibacterial Soap Has No Germ-Killing Advantage

By Bruce Dixon

CHICAGO (Reuters Health) - So-called antibacterial soaps are no better at killing germs than ordinary soaps, according to a study presented here Thursday at the Infectious Disease Society of America's annual meeting.

"In our study we did not find any difference in the bacterial counts on the hands of homemakers who had used either plain soap or an antibacterial soap for a year," said Dr. Elaine Larson, associate dean for research at the Columbia University School of Nursing in New York City and the study's lead author. "This was the first double-blind, controlled study of these products...the 222 participants didn't know which soap they had; neither did the research team."

About three quarters of liquid soaps being sold in the US are antibacterial, Larson noted. She estimates that antibacterial bar soaps make up about 35% of bar soap sales. Though this study did not look at antibacterial bar soaps, Larson said they probably offer no additional protection against bacteria and viruses.

"For impetigo or some other skin infection, cleansing with an antibacterial soap has been shown to be protective. But in our study we're looking at healthy, normal people with nothing wrong with them, and for them, antimicrobial or antibacterial hand soaps provide no added value over plain soap."

The National Institutes of Health (news - web sites)-funded study also found that washing regularly with any soap is beneficial.

"Both study groups--those who used plain soap and those who used an antibacterial--had significantly lower bacterial counts after using the soaps for a year," Larson reported. "At the end of the study, the number of bacteria on the participants' hands was reduced from about 800,000 to about 100,000. What that says to me is that washing your hands with anything is very helpful to reduce germs."

For even better germ-killing power, Larson recommends the new waterless alcohol-based antiseptics used by healthcare workers in hospitals.

"These are now available in stores, and with them, you don't need a sink or can put them in your purse or car and use them anywhere. The alcohols are faster-acting than regular soap, and they're at least as good at getting the germs off your hands. However, they don't remove surface dirt, which is why thorough hand-washing with regular soap is still the best approach for regular daily hygiene," Larson said.

In one recent study, widespread use of alcohol-based hand gels by hospital workers substantially cut down on the spread of potentially lethal bacteria that are resistant to many antibiotics.

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yep heard that

This response submitted by Superpig on 10/25/2002. ( )

they talked about that on the news yesterday. Which just gets to show you that the cleaner you are trying to be the more susecptable you become to diseases. I say let's all take a mud bath. Who's with me?LOL

Im in!

This response submitted by Raven on 10/25/2002. ( )

Rollin in the mud with Piggy - oh you KNOW Im there! 8)

Didnt read all the fist psot - but didja know that by using antibacterial stuff all it does is keill the weak bacteria? THe strong ones still live and are thus the only ones to reproduce and so by using antibacterial stuff we are creating super immune super bacteria. Thats why medicines dont work after a while and need to be revamped and get stronger and stronger generation after generation. Anthe antibacterial albel is laregly a marketing tool. A few soaps ARE truly antibacterial in that they ahve harash chemicals and will really wipe the bugs out damn near as well as alcohol! The majourity of them tho jsut SAY antibacterial. As mentionned - ALL soaps are antibacterial in taht they will kill SOME bacteria... so they state the obvious in a trick to make you think theirs are better. Bags of french fries in the grocery store that have "Now Cholestoral Free! plasterred on them? They always were! Cholestoral is an animal product and not found in potatoes =) I can see them puttin that on sum potato CHIPS that used to be fried in beef tallow... but the fries things always cracks me up =) marketting marketting marketting - hehe =) K - Warm the mud up and get the bikini on SP... the snow started flying up here today and Im ready fer a nice warm mud snuggle - LOL!

Ha ha Raven

This response submitted by Superpig on 10/25/2002. ( )

you gonna have to fight Mike for that spot. LOL.

hand sanitizer

This response submitted by trappersteph on 10/26/2002. ( )

The stuff with rubbing alcohol in it.Kills em all and quick.I use it when in the shop and a glove breaks or if I happen to grab something raw or raw salted without a glove.Also comes in handy when trapping if I have to go show a fox off to some hunter or farmer LOL,and being too "macho" to stick the gloves on first.Same goes for poking at that deer in the back of a pickup.

Course its downright good to have the peroxide bottle nearby when skinning in the shop in case of a cut.

Alcohol, I use that too!

This response submitted by cyclone on 10/28/2002. ( )

Only the internal kind, I got a lot of germies to get rid of!

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