Deer Hides (Green Salted) For Sale in Fredericksburg TX

Submitted by Hill Country Deer Processing on 10/24/2002. ( )

we own hill country deer in Fredericksburg Tx.
we would like to sell over 1300 hides this season.
Please refer this message to someone who may be interested.

Rob Hallenbeck

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Just the hides or the capes?

This response submitted by John C on 10/24/2002. ( )

Are you selling the hides or are you going to sell the capes?


This response submitted by Beverly on 12/03/2002. ( )

would like to know prices,sizes, way of shipment.thank you.

How much for a cape 24+ inches?

This response submitted by Charles Lambreth on 12/03/2002. ( )

How much for a 24+ inch neck cape to replace one that I got damaged in shipping? It is a whitetail.

How much are you asking for a deer hide?

This response submitted by Christyle utter on 12/10/2002. ( )

I am intrested in buying or trading for deer hides green or tanned it doesn't matter. If anyone has one for sale email me at

Green deer hides for sale or trade

This response submitted by Ray Lewiski on 01/01/2003. ( )

I have a lot of green deer hides, various sizes, for sale. Immediate shipping, ship anywhere.

Whitetail cape needed

This response submitted by Mike Bucman on 02/07/2003. ( )

Is there anyone who has a green or tanned cape to fit a 20 to 22
inch neck? The one I have was damaged while being tanned..
Price and other info needed

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