Buckskin in the autotanner

Submitted by Scott on 11/01/2002. ( )

I"m interested in doing a little experimenting, and would like to use my (new) auto tanner to create some buckskin.
I hope to use my scraps and unwanted back hides to make some buckskin leather that my Cub Scouts can use for simple projects.
So they don"t have to chamois soft, just pliable.
I don"t have cage or huge tumbler to break the hides, and don"t intend to invest in one.
Additional, I don"t want to spend a lot of time, thinning these hides. I"ve got enough paying work to do :-)
I was thinking I could throw the hides and bucket of rocks in a tumbler I"ve made from a 55 gallon drum.
(I don"t really use this tumble. So, I can let it get beat up)
I could probably take some time and run them over the belt sander too.

Long story short:
I"m hoping to get an 'OK' hunk of leather, and put in as little time a possible.
Should I just de-hair and then tan as usual?
I would normally de-hair by soaking in a very basic solution, scraping the hair, and neutralizing.
Does anyone have experience with using arrowhead or bucktan in the autotanner for buckskin.
Does anyone have a tanning formula to suggest?

Any methods you have, or suggestions you can make would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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