how do you heat curatan to 120 degrees

Submitted by Mike on 10/29/2002. ( )

i have a bottle of curatan and it says heat to 120 degrees how do i do this put it in a pan of water or boil water and pour on it let me know what you all would sugest

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This response submitted by Dan Moon on 10/29/2002. ( )

Warm it in the microwave for ten to twenty seconds or until hot enough that you have to pull it out with a mit. Or boil water and pour into a container then set container of curatan in it. I think 120 degrees is an approximate temperature so it doesn't quite have to exactly 120, you just need to warm it up to get the chemicals flowing.

try this...

This response submitted by b. bishop on 10/29/2002. ( bishops@newnorthnet )

Shake or stire the whole amount until mixed well and then pour out the amount that you think you will be useing or a little more into a container that can be set in a pan of 120 degree h2o. Then move the entire pan over to the place were you will be applying the curatan and that way it stays hot through the entire process. Keep stirring it as it settles out fast when it is this warm.

Hot tap water

This response submitted by CHUCK on 10/30/2002. ( )

The usual setting on a water heater is 120 degrees F.Any hotter would be in the scald zone.

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