auto tanner question

Submitted by tow on 10/30/2002. ( )

I just tanned a bear hide in my auto tanner and everything went good, but on the back of the hide there were little fur balls in spots,it looks like it pulled the hair through from the hair side.
Is this normal or was it shaved to thin.

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This response submitted by Linda C. on 10/30/2002. ( )

well Tow if this is a fall hide this is pretty typical.Because bear seasons are fairly early the hides are not yet prime.While the coat is developing the hair roots are embedded in the fat under the skin.Fleshing the fat off removes some of the hair roots so it is not uncommon to see hair pulled through to the skin side by the tanning process.You'll see them come from the tanneries this way too.

Not the auto tanner

This response submitted by Bruce Norton on 10/30/2002. ( )

How could putting a hide in a solution in a tank and then slowing rotating it cause the hair to "pull" through the skin? It was shaved to thin, which exposed the hair follicle and they just worked their way out. Bears have a thin skin and it is not unusual to have that happen.

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