What kind of oil?

Submitted by Greg on 10/30/2002. ( )

I have tanned some squirrel skins using the alcohol/turpentine pickle. I have been looking for Neatsfoot oil to finish them. Where do I find this stuff? Is there another type of oil that I can use?

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This response submitted by D on 10/30/2002. ( )

Go to Walmart they should have it near the shoes around the shoe polish.good luck

i found it at feed stores

This response submitted by redneck on 10/30/2002. ( )

look in feed stores or leather stores they will have it.


This response submitted by George on 10/30/2002. ( georoof@aol.com )

Maybe I've been away from tanning too long to remember, but isn't neats foot oil used to DRESS leather? It's not a finishing or softening oil is it? And on a squirrel? I do remember it's made from the shins and leg bones of cows and I THINK I recall using it when I tooled leather, but certainly not tanning. Somebody let me know if Alzheimers has already set in.

Hey George!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 10/30/2002. ( rittel@mindspring.com )

You're right George. Plain ole Neatsfoot oil is meant for the outside of the shoe or boot as simply a dressing. It will not penetrate.

However - if you expose it to an acid and then call it a sulfonated or bisulfited oil - then you get a charge on it and it becomes useful in tanning skins and capes.

However, I dont know how it would react with a "alcohol-turpentine" tan(?).


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Welcome to Earth.


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