Tanning a moose hide

Submitted by Troy on 10/30/2002. ( snowshoe@gci.net )

I've got a large moose hide that I want to tan. I'm going to buy the chemicals from Van Dyke's. This is my first attempt to tan anything. Anyone got any suggestions ? The hide is very thick. Do I need to thin it before I put it in the solution ? Thanks in advance

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This response submitted by George on 10/30/2002. ( georoof@aol.com )

Only one: SEND IT TO A TANNERY. I admire anyone want to get their feet wet, but you are looking to submerge yourself. A moose hide is a miserable job for even the most experienced taxideermist and to use it as a starting point is almost laughable. This is a hide that is going to need serious pickling and shaving, possibly in 3 or 4 sequences, in order to get it right. And that's with special machines made to shave big, oversized hides like a moose. My suggestion is that you start with squirrels or maybe even a small deer before you take on a project of this size.

And an other thing....

This response submitted by gordon.. on 10/30/2002. ( )

Moose hides are very heavy when wet and considering it will be wet for washing, pickling, neutralizing and tanning and washing again, and all the stiring your gona do, start abdominal exercises now...to strengten your back..take cod liver oil to lub you disks, vitamins for metabolic boost and something herbal for nerves... or buy chain and pully assembly to tackle this...and very large vat with fawcet drain.

My guess is that you are going to be playing in 30-40 gal. solutions... If you are up to it, it is do-able. ( Also, remember your going to have to drum his sucker if you want a plyable hide...I hope you have fun. good luck...

Please......listen to George and Gordan!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 10/30/2002. ( rittel@mindspring.com )

They both gave you excellent advice.

I beg to differ......

This response submitted by Leanna on 10/31/2002. ( scardeer@cornernet.com )

Troy, IF you have a shaving machine, IF, go for it! It's a hoot doing a moose cape/hide by yourself. I love moose, and they ain't no different from a deer cape except for the weight, the thickness, and the size. Okay that's work overload, but you can do it WITH a shaver. Don't let these guys scare you.

Gordon doesn't know what he is talking about. You won't NEED abdominal strengthening excersizes after working on a moose cape/hide, nor will you need a trainer. You will BE a trainer when you are finished. And you will be fairly glib at cuss words by the time your moose is ready for mounting or throwing hide on back of chair/end of bed. Moose cape/hide will CRINGE at the mere site of you.

On the other hand, if you don't have a shaver, send it to that tannery.

Use the tannery!

This response submitted by North american62 on 11/02/2002. ( )

Troy -USE THE TANNERY!Forget what Leanna said.If you are truly a beginner dont practice with a moose!the capes are exspensive and hard to work with,practice with smaller capes!I have tanned hundreds of specimans over the years and i send mine to the tannery!And the man that replied to ytour post(bruce Rittel) is a known expert in the field,I have sat in on his seminars,he is telling you stright!

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