pro plus oil

Submitted by dave on 10/31/2002. ( )

When I oil with the pro plus, I use hot water to mix with it.
If I oil one hide I am fine, but if I do 2-3 the oil gets in my throat
or lungs and makes me cough something terrible. Anyone else have this problem. I used the kwik-n-eze tan couple of days ago and the same thing happened.

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This response submitted by Leanna on 10/31/2002. ( )

Use one. At least a mask. Your body is telling you something. Listen to it. You are inhaling foreign objects and your lungs ain't liking it, thus the objection of "hey buddy, get a clue", coming off as a cough. I hope you are wearing gloves?

Vapors can be deadly.

Switch Oils!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 11/01/2002. ( )

My best advice is to switch to another oil. Apparantly your sensitivity to perhaps the Sulphates in ProPlus Oil is very low and you are aggravated by them. The only problem is - almost all "good" tanning oils are sulphonated to help them penetrate, and may also aggravate your situation. In leiu of switching, I think Leanna had some good advice about wearing a mask to avoid the vapors.


This response submitted by dave on 11/02/2002. ( )

I have been using pro-plus for 4 years and dont really want to switch.
I will buy a respirator. I wasnt sure what all was in the oil to cause this.
thanks all,

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