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Submitted by PatrickR on 11/02/2002. ( don't need a virus )

Hi, All-

Being relatively new to this, I'm looking for a GOOD video to teach me the basics for fleshing, turning lips, eyes, etc. for Whitetail deer head mounts. What are some of your opinions for a good video to purchase? I've been thru the process on a few capes, but I feel that I'm getting too many holes and not doing a thorough job on the lip area and around the eyes. All comments are appreciated. Thanks! PatrickR

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call ,Gerald Tessier of Quebec Fleshing machines

This response submitted by Randal R. Waites on 11/02/2002. ( )

Below is his web site url, and phone number. or you can go to the search button, on the left side of this screen, and put in his name. There you will find lots of information and comments about him and his product.


This response submitted by PatrickR on 11/02/2002. ( )

I'm actually referring to the portion of fleshing that I do by hand. I don't have a machine and don't forsee getting one due to having so few deer to mount (I only do my own). I'm looking for a detailed video to walk me through the fine detail part of lip splitting, etc. Thanks! PatrickR


This response submitted by Bill Yox on 11/02/2002. ( )

There isnt such an animal that Im aware of. Ive been talking to a few guys to possibly get something like that together, just hand prepping and explaining why as well as how its done. Patrick, there might be one out there, but Im not aware of it, at least. The common sense approach is...anything thats folded over or doubled needs to be split away from itself so as to salt it.

Sounds like an idea is born

This response submitted by PatrickR on 11/02/2002. ( )

Some of us newer guys who don't have easy access to a local willing-to-teach taxidermist would have great use for such a training aid. I bought a couple of coyote capes off the forum earlier this year (from Randal Waites I believe) and one of them was salt dried. The lips were split beautifully. I want to be able to do this, too. Technique can be explained in detail, but sometimes just being able to watch the actual process is worth a million. Thanks for the responses...PatrickR

sallie d

This response submitted by jim on 11/02/2002. ( )

have you seen the beginners tape from WASCO by sallie d.
I think it is lesson 6


This response submitted by PatrickR on 11/02/2002. ( )

No, but I'll take a look and see...Thanks! PatrickR

BAD Memory

This response submitted by PatrickR on 11/03/2002. ( )

Regarding the response in my earlier post (above). The coyote capes came from Dan Hudzik. Sorry Guys...PatrickR

Try McKenzies

This response submitted by John W. on 11/08/2002. ( )

I think the tape is called the basics of fleshing and tanning, I have it somewhere around the house, a lot of the fleshing is done with a regular sharp knife.

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