green skin, i mean green

Submitted by jen on 11/05/2002. ( )

got gifted with a deer skin,,,, but it is actually green! and has "wonderfull smell" froze for now, is it ok for hair off tanning or any thing still?

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should be fine for hair off

This response submitted by mudratt on 11/06/2002. ( mudratt123@aol )

flesh it and salt it it should be fine

Salt it

This response submitted by mark on 11/06/2002. ( )

Salt the hide down until it is 100% dry, this will better your chances in saving it. When you tan it make sure you have a bacteriacide in your solution, and maybe a little Alum in your pickle.


Green Hides

This response submitted by Steve Rotramel on 11/06/2002. ( )

Your skin is rotting. You may still be able to tan it but it will never have the quality that a fresh hide would have. Bacteria not only cause the hair to slip but reduce the tanning potential of the skin. It probably will be very difficult to get a good consistent soft buckskin.

Best bet - start over with a better skin.

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