Submitted by Jake on 11/17/2002. ( )

Is denatured alchocol ok to use as a degreaser for fatty animals?

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This response submitted by George on 11/17/2002. ( )


No , What?

This response submitted by Jake on 11/17/2002. ( )

George, you said no, but why not? I was taught that degreaser for mammals was denatured alcholol and for birds it was mineral spirits. I know some will say you need to buy the products from McKenzie or WASCO and I don't have a problem with that as long as the product I buy for 29.95 is no more than 8.00 dollar denatured alchocol. If indeed they are 2 different products then I will use what is recomended.

No, stands alone

This response submitted by George on 11/18/2002. ( )

If you'd looked in the archives you'll see that MOST taxidermists have finally accepted the inevitable; SOAPS DEGREASE, SOLVENTS DILUTE. In order to degrease, you must use a soap to break down the proteins. Denatured Alcohol, mineral spirits, gas, toluol, MEK, acetone, and xylol are solvents. They only dilute residual grease and in turn, leave their own residue or stains on your work. Whoever your teacher was, they were wrong, period. You can't argue with proven facts of chemistry. A bird or animal needs to be "defatted" mechanically and the residual grease needs to be chemically eliminated. Wash your hide in (man I hate even saying this) Dawn or better still, one of several industrial soaps available to taxidermists through the suppliers. Read the label on Dawn. It even says that it ELIMINATES GREASE.

Thanks for the help

This response submitted by Jake on 11/19/2002. ( )

George, you are right the fellow who taught me is wrong about alot of things, but he did help me get started in this game about 5 years ago, and I thank him for that. I thank you for your help and have ordered the real degreaser today from McKenzie's. I just want to be doing what is the best job possible and that is why I use this forum. Once again thanks for the help on this one, and I'll be asking more in the future.

Jake, just a note

This response submitted by George on 11/19/2002. ( )

I'm a hacker compared to some of the artists who share here. Nancy Mulligan stated a few weeks back that Dawn works best for her and gave the reasons. You may want to check back and look at why she thinks that.

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