How much do I scrape?

Submitted by D. Geer on 11/18/2002. ( )

Help! I'm trying for the 1st time tanning a deer hide b/c my son wants to make his own moccasins. Following one of the many directions we have soaked the hide in salt water brine then salted, rolled up and let sit for 1 day. We now have it over a log and are scraping it with old serrated knives. I don't know how much we have to remove before soaking to remove the hair. We have all the tissue and fat off and are down to this white felt like layer which just keeps fuzzing up in balls as we scrape. It seems to be easier scraping when it has dried a little so it comes off instead of just slipping around. How much do we have to scrape and should we re-wet the hide if it starts to get stiff before it is fully scraped? We resalt and wrap back up when we tire. Thanks.

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About Half.

This response submitted by John C on 11/18/2002. ( )

Maybe not that much, you need to see if the brine has pulled the pink coloration from the hide. If not then scrape somemore.

The normal proggresion is to remove fats, meats etc. salt and then brine or pickle it.

Scraping is not a long proccess should take about 1 hour.

One more thing

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When shaving, it's not how thin you can make it, but how
evenly thin! Remember, if it's too thin, when you pull your stitch's
tight, you'll rip'em out, or when it shrink's,----


This response submitted by D. Geer on 11/19/2002. ( )

Thank you so much for your information. The directions I had said to soak the hide in salt water just for 12 hours to soften and make it easier to flesh. It's good to know we don't have to scrape as much as I was. We finish scraping and soak it in the lime to remove the hair. Wish us luck. Our 10 year old has worked so hard to learn to do this, I hope it works. Thanks again.

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