can someone help direct me how to tan my own bear hide?

Submitted by christopher myers on 11/16/2002. ( )

im intersted in tanning my own hide and making a rug w/ a mounted head . ive already capped the bear out , should i send it to a tanning professional or can i buy a kit w/ the eyes , teeth and replica skull for the rug mount? the whole thing to me is to save money! if anyone can give some info on this please email me at or call at 540-265-8981 any help on cheap tanneries w/ quick turn arond or know how on tanning there selves would be greatly appreciated. thank you!

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Send it to a tanning company

This response submitted by tere not that easy on 11/16/2002. ( )

said it all

Send it to areliable tannery

This response submitted by Kim on 11/16/2002. ( )

The home done stuff is suitable IF you are experienced and know exactly what you are doing. Always use Lutan Fn. It is much better than the other stuff on the market. Honestly, at this level, send it to a tannery. Wait until you have the equipment and skill to do it your self. there really is a difference. Don't take chances or try to be cheap as this is the downfall of many "wouldbe" taxidermists.


Good luck,

save money

This response submitted by newbirdman on 11/16/2002. ( )

If you've never done this before , you shouldn't try it with a bear . If your idea to save money is to have a goofy looking bear rug that probably wont come out right then go ahead and do it , but you'll be wasting more money when you have to send it out later to have it done right . Send it to a tannery . Rick

Bear are easily cut to thin.

This response submitted by John C on 11/17/2002. ( )

I see bear that even the tannerys shave to thin, lack if experience will most certainly lead to failure.

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