Question for John C

Submitted by ken on 11/19/2002. ( )

John I read your answer to fleshing knife post. I think I need a knife like you described as I am having great difficulty removing the membrane from deer capes before putting in auto tanner. I have a fleshing machine but am not nearly as proficient with it as I would like, especially on a raw skin. Have you ever used a Meyer 2 in 1 knife? Who makes a good knife like you described? Thanks, Ken

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No, its a Sheffieled from Jonas

This response submitted by John C on 11/19/2002. ( )

I dont have the current Jonas catalog. It is not cheap! But mine is 20 odd years old. Altough I finish capes with the fleshing machine, it only takes a few minutes to knock out a large bear with with the Sheffield.

You get what you pay for

This response submitted by scott on 11/19/2002. ( )

I"m not sure about the ěMeyer 2 in 1 knifeî
But if you mean the 2 in 1 knife from the Van Dykes catalog.
I wouldn"t waste your money.
I ordered one a while ago. I thought for less then fifty bucks it would be nice to have an extra fleshing knife. Well, I got what I paid for!

Van Dykes offers a lot of quality equipment. This is not one of those.

I might as well use an old lawn mower blade.



Go to

This response submitted by mark on 11/19/2002. ( )

you can order online or call 1800-525-6379 also ask for one of their great new catalogs, they are always having great deals, new items and monthly specials.

I use a large butcher knife...

This response submitted by Paul on 11/19/2002. ( )

and its really sharp and the blade is approx. 12" long. I use it with a fleshing beam and it takes off everything. I can even thin the hide while im doing this, all on a green cape. It takes me 20 minutes to do the cape minus turning and face fleshing. Then I salt. The knife was given to me my an ex butcher so I don't know the brand. I initially used it to flesh the shields off of boars but it works great on deer.

Cheap & Easy! Fleshing Improv under your nose...

This response submitted by Jessica on 12/02/2002. ( )

Check your silverware drawer! I found a verrrrrrrrry sharp and pointy serrated (steak?) knife, wore leather gloves for protection, and, using two hands, curved the blade while holding it almost flat against the skin.... working the knife in a downward and counter-clockwise motion, putting just enough pressure on the skin for the serated points to catch the unwanted muscle/membrane fibers. This worked extremely well! I can't believe people actually buy 'fleshing tools'.... Go to a thrift store and check the knife selection for more options...

One word of warning: don't dig too deep; it's real easy to scrape too deep with such a knife, and the smooth-skin feel is gone, leaving a a rough feel. With such a sharp knife, it may make for a tedious job, but considering the financial gains of my tool, I have no intention of support the fleshing tool market. :) Good luck.

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